The truth about self-motivation

The truth about self-motivation

How to overcome laziness and work out at home What is "laziness"? Laziness is the lack of internal motivation. You can perfectly be aware of the whol

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How to overcome laziness and work out at home

What is «laziness»? Laziness is the lack of internal motivation. You can perfectly be aware of the whole need for training, but if you »feel lazy», then, at heart, you do not want to work out.

It is useless and ungrateful to push oneself in such a situation. In order to work out at home, especially starting from scratch, the best way to do it is to «deceive» own unwillingness, and change home workouts from «because it is necessary» to «it brings me joy.»


Let’s begin to work out at home.

  • think about what kind of exercise you enjoy doing and start with 10 minute sets. But you should do it every day. Gradually, you will wait impatie
  • ntly for these 10 minutes, but not with the thought — «I must …». Do not start doing an hour-long training, so you can quickly burn out and leave off. The task is to gradually develop in consciousness the attitude to training, as to a pleasure, but not teach to push yourself.
  • select a short set of exercises for beginners, which you will like. Choose it based on your rhythm of life and do it when you feel comfortable, in the morning or in the evening. It can be yoga, maybe a plank hold, maybe working with dumbbells, or maybe stretching. Yes, you need to work out the press, rather than stretch, but if you have a good stretch — do it, let will be even better. You will feel satisfaction from quick results and, accordingly, from training. And then — start gradually (!) add exercises to your problem areas.
  • If there is a possibility, do not neglect your home exercise machines and devices for fitness. Doing abs exercises on a bright fitball
    is much more fun than on a rug, as well as training with stylish dumbbells in the color of the sneakers. Hence, the following item:
  • buy stylish clothes for training, in which you will like yourself. And, ideally, you need to train in front of a mirror. First of all, of course, to see how correctly you perform the exercises. But still, this is a powerful incentive for the purpose of self-motivation.

So, the answer to the question »what exercises to start with working out at home»:

  •  with simple (there is no instructor near you who can correct your mistakes and prevent from harming your health)
  • short (do not rush, take on a rhythm of regular training)
  • choose what you like or what you already can do. And gradually add the necessary exercises for problem areas.

As additional incentives, watch a motivating video, keep a blog or a training diary, or, conversely, subscribe to someone else’s sports blog, use applications for the smartphone — when it comes to self-motivation, all means are good.

Where do a woman start working out at home

There are a large number of ready-made training programs and complexes for beginners on the internet. The only thing you should do at the stage of «how to start from scratch» and «how to motivate yourself » is to choose the direction that you like: yoga, pilates, complexes on a stepplatform or with loops TRX, training on fitbole or with weighting. Choose a network complex, buy, if necessary, additional devices and, in fact, start.

How to start a man the working out from scratch

A man can start his working out at home with the help of parallel bars, horizontal bar, dumbbells and the same loops TRX. If you have a very tight schedule, do not buy exercise equipments that you have to get for training, strengthen, and then clean up. Ideally, you should have the opportunity to come, for example to the parallel bars, to work out on them for about 10 minutes and go on to do other kind of daily things. If you need to set a horizontal bar for a 10-minute workout and then shoot it, there is a very high probability that you will get tired of it faster than you are involved in the training process. If there is no possibility, consider training with weights or with plank hold for which you only need a rug.

And when will the result be?

A noticeable result with regular sports activities at home will be in a month. And these visible changes will be the best incentive to continue training.
The time that you will need to lose weight depends on both the individual constitutional peculiarity and on the number of extra pounds. There are three types of constitution:

  • asthenics, they are ectomorphs — lean, hardly gain weight and do not have problems with excess weight
  • normostenics or mesomorphs — athletic frame, quickly gain muscle mass, with low physical activity tend to gain in weight, quickly put themselves into shape by means of training and proper nutrition
  • hypersthenics, endomorphs — hardly lose weight and quickly gain it

In its purest form, these types almost never occur. Usually, one basic type of constitution is well expressed, and the features of others are seen. And the results of training will directly depend on your basic type. What you can be sure is the results with regular training will be surely for any type of constitution.

In general, to lose weight, you need not only to do sports, but also to change your diet.

How to properly work out at home

Can I do sports every day at home? Yes, if we are talking about 10-minute complexes and about stretching. Yoga every morning or evening also will only benefit. But to do cardio is better 2-3 times a week.

What is the best time to work out at home

The pleasure of training at home is that you train when it is convenient for you, adjusting your workouts to work schedule, and not to the timetable in the gym. Of course, the regime should be approached wisely. Strength exercises are advised to do at least one hour before bedtime. But there are whole «before bed» complexes in yoga that will help not only keep muscles in a tonus, but also relax, bring about a healthy sleep.