Sulfate-free shampoos — What are their special aspects?

Sulfate-free shampoos — What are their special aspects?

Every one of us goes to the shop for the supplements to find there something very useful. Far from all remedies will positively influence on your heal

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Every one of us goes to the shop for the supplements to find there something very useful. Far from all remedies will positively influence on your health. Let’s figure this out.

Every one of us has surely heard that sulfate-containing shampoos are extremely dangerous. Is it so? Why are they dangerous?

Sulfates (ALS, SLS, ALES, SLES), which many modern shampoos contain, are added to the product in order to remove the fat of the head as quickly as possible and to maximally effectively remove the dandruff and to provide the hair with volume and shine due to the additional chemicals.

Quite often, the producers add the other chemicals to the sulfate-containing shampoos to reach one or another visible result. For example, the volume effect is being provided by the chemical matter, which splits your hair near the roots and raises them. But it will be very difficult to reanimate your hair after that.

Pros and cons of sulfate-containing shampoo

There are such pros of sulfate-containing after the keratin hair straightening: low price compared to the other «rivals»; instantaneous washing the dirt away; comfortable in use body of shampoo (foam soaps and holds on the head very well); big list of available brands on the shelves of the shop. That’s all.

Cons are obvious: defensive skin of scalp and the hair itself are being washed out along with the fat and the hair starts to get dirty quite fast; sulfates are the hypoallergenic matters and there can be consequences in case if they get in the blood through the external epithelium.

Sulfate-free shampoos: pros and cons

Ordinary shampoos not only don’t protect you, but also they on the contrary damage the natural protection membrane, which is on your every hair. In this regard, the hair loses the ability to fortify itself against the cold and high temperature of curling iron and becomes brittle. That is why the girls at a young age see the split ends. There is often a hair loss and doctors can’t tell you a reason. Most likely, this is the case.

You cannot use ordinary shampoos after the keratin hair straightening

In addition, you cannot use these shampoos after the keratin straightening, because the active material – keratin reacts with sulfate and the result of straightening significantly decreases.

How is sulfate-free shampoo better than the ordinary one?

Let’s consider the pros of sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoos don’t leave the indelible stains. These remedies are easily removed with ordinary warm water without the intense mechanical effect. Natural components of these shampoos maintain the strength of each hair and strengthen them. Such products for dyed hair are also essential – their properties are preserved for a long time. This shampoo can be used after the keratin hair straightening, because it doesn’t react with keratin and doesn’t harm your hair. After the durable use of this shampoo, your hair gets back to the healthy shine and smoothness, which the chemical additives in other remedies spare them of.

Can I use the sulfate-free shampoos after the keratin hair straightening?
You can make a famous egg mask not for a long time to fix and strengthen the result of this remedy. Just mix two egg yolks with olive oil or castor oil (you can add the honey) and spread it all over your hair for 30-50 minutes. Wash it away with the warm water. It is made quickly and simply and your hair will be extremely grateful for it.
Natural components of sulfate-free shampoos strengthen the hair

What manufacturers of sulfate-free shampoos can be trusted?

This list concerns the sulfate-free shampoos:

  • MULSAN cosmetic;
  • Schwarzkopf professional;
  • Estel;
  • Organic shop;
  • Lakme;
  • Senscience;
  • Logona;
  • Lavera hair.

What are the special aspects of sulfate-free shampoos?

There are baby sulfate-free shampoos and the ones, which don’t contain many other chemicals.

Here is the list:

  • Yes to baby carrots fragrance;
  • Avalon organics gentle tear-free shampoo;
  • Baby bee shampoo.