Social dance for good mood

Social dance for good mood

Both women and men can dance regardless of their age. Every person should know how to dance even a little, especially waltz – that’s my opinion. My

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Both women and men can dance regardless of their age. Every person should know how to dance even a little, especially waltz – that’s my opinion.

My favorite dances of the already learnt ones are the lively bachata and salsa.latin- I’ve managed to learn four types of dance according to Latin program in three months and I’m planning to learn waltz, tango and other dances of European program.

Someone wants to lose weight, someone wants to restore the plastic arts. However, me and many people of older age come here to communicate and to get the good mood.

My 46-year old friend confirms my words: «We have an amazing instructor and an excellent team. Everybody is smiling after the training and everyone is in good mood».
Dance for my friend is a perfect way to keep her body and health in good condition and to talk with likeminded people.
«I like it very much, we’ve learnt many things already. Assume that we don’t know how to dance perfectly, nevertheless, we have a clue of them and we upgrade our skills in it constantly» — she says.


Strip-dance or ballroom dances?

scorpionThere are Zumba and strip-dance in my dance school.
Zumba is a new dance direction, which combines Latin dance and fitness. Women like it, because it requires intensive jumps and stretching.

Strip-dance is quite nice for the spine, it develops flexibility and allows women to get rid of their hang-ups. They become more attractive and sexy.

Another my friend has been practicing strip-dance for three years already.
«I like it so much. I want to fly after the trainings, it’s such an emotional pleasure! Plus it’s lifting and stretching» — she tells. «If you want to dance, don’t be afraid to try, don’t think about your age.»

zumbaYou can achieve a good success for a year of training, it’s important not to feel sorry for yourself. Women, who didn’t know how to do that, are now very flexible and good in dances. Everyone does the splits even postpartum or in their forties. They stretch and do relaxing exercises after the training. You need to be flexible and fluid so the strip-dance looks good.

I decided that I will dedicate next year only to cha-cha-cha and salsa. These dances are for truly hot numbers.


You don’t need any preparation to start doing these dances. The most important thing is to have desire, good mood and efforts.


Ballroom dances are very useful. Firstly, they provide shapeliness, secondly, those bode parts, which aren’t involved in case of sedentary job, are moving. They also provide the rise of mood and rest, since the person changes from one activity to another, which is connected to the good music.

Primarily, women practice ballroom dances, they are hothead, which is why they love cha-cha-cha and salsa. And of course everyone wants to learn waltz.

Ballroom dances are the international body language, they are being danced everywhere.
Here is my advice to the beginners: don’t expect that you will become a good dancer after the first trainings. Everything is gradual, the point is to enjoy what you do. You can even participate in some competition in length of time, but you need to work hard for it to happen.