Shake weight does it work

Shake weight does it work

Recently, I noticed that my colleague lost several kilos literally for a few weeks, he powered up and started to look sportier. I asked him where he t

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Recently, I noticed that my colleague lost several kilos literally for a few weeks, he powered up and started to look sportier. I asked him where he trains and he answered that he trains at home with a vibro-dumbbell Shake Weight.

I treated his words suspiciously at first, because the result was too quick and visible for the home trainings, so I thought that he was playing hanky-panky with me and he goes to the gym. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read about these magical dumbbells and comments about them in the Internet.


My friends, I was extremely surprised and I’m gonna tell you why. I couldn’t help myself and decided to buy this dumbbell, all the more so my husband supported this idea. It would be advisable for him to get himself into shape too. We ordered it in the online-store, watched the video tutorial and started our trainings. This compact equipment perfectly completed our home gym along with the pull-up bar and the trainer cardiotwister. I can share our success but I will preliminary tell about the Shake Weight a little bit more.



Dumbbell Shake Weight isn’t just a sports equipment, this is powerful modern trainer for the muscles of upper body.
Vibro-dumbbell’s difference lies in the fact that its weight changes the direction of power’s impact in every movement. This leads to this – muscles start to tract way faster, which provides their strengthening and quick growth.

Dumbbell’s dimensions: 28,5 х 10 cm.
Dumbbell’s weight: 1700 g.

HOW DOES the shake weight work?

Dumbbells are one of the most popular sports equipment. Exercises with the dumbbells are comfortable and effective for the following reasons:

  • They make the various ground of muscles work.
  • They provide the development of the joint mobility and the copula flexibility.
  • Hands are in the natural state during the exercises.
  • They don’t lead to the extra load of the chest muscles as it happens during the barbell lift.

While training with the dumbbells, you can change the direction of movements and their intensity. All advantages of the ordinary dumbbells are true for the Shake Weight as well, however its effectiveness is much higher thanks to the dynamical load. Impact of weight, which changes its direction, leads to the bigger energetic expenses and makes the muscles work more effective.

Here are the numbers:

Muscles contract with a frequency of 240 times per minute during the exercises with vibro-dumbbell.
Technologies, which are used in creating the vibro-dumbbell, raise the effectiveness of the trainings up to 3000%.
Six minutes with the vibro-dumbbell substitute an hour of trainings with the ordinary dumbbells.


At first, I watched the disc with the video-tutorials. They contain four simple exercises, which are recommended to be performed one by one 15 seconds each during 6 minutes. According to the manufacturer, daily 6-minute trainings should be enough to get a measurable result even after only several weeks. This is the tempting promise, because many people have tight work schedule and cannot add the regular trainings at the gym there, and everyone can dedicate six minutes per day to the sport.



While performing the exercises with vibro-dumbbell, you don’t need to do wide arm swings, you must lightly shake the equipment, lifting it up and lowering it down for about 7 cm in each direction. Dumbbell’s weight makes a move because of the push and it starts to move under the principle of forcer. The more intensive the movements are, the more the muscles strain, however you shouldn’t be after the maximum load at first, it’s important to choose the comfortable rhythm especially when it comes to the first trainings.

And now I will describe the exercises, which the complex consists of. They all are being performed standing up and core and legs have to be straight, muscles of abs and spine need to be strained.


  • First: arms bent in the elbows, elbows are clasped to the core, two hands hold the dumbbell and it’s at breast height.
  • Second: arms are put up and bent in elbows and they are behind the head, two hands hold the dumbbell and it is below the back of head.
  • Third: right hand with the dumbbell to the side, lifted up and bent in elbow in quadrature.
  • Forth: is performed the same way as the third only by the left hand.

Exercises with Shake Weight are good because they almost don’t have the contraindications, they fit everybody regardless of age or level of the athletic performance. It’s important to remember about the precautionary measures – you cannot put the dumbbell near the head during the training to avoid the traumas.

RESULTS OF using the shake weight

Despite the comparably small weight of vibro-dumbbell, it’s not so easy to train with it. This is very powerful thing, the feeling during the training is like you hold a pick hammer in your hands and the sweat instantaneously appears on the face. Thus, I’ve learnt it to my own cost, that the effectiveness of trainings with the Shake Weight stands no comparison with the ordinary exercises with dumbbells.


Honestly, I couldn’t bear even a couple of minutes of training, I could do maximum several reps, of course, my husband used to do more, but he was getting tired quickly as well. Nevertheless, we were stubborn and we started to do much better after a week. Then I began to notice first results of the trainings on my body.

My arms were built very quickly. The video shows how to work with this sports equipment. Dumbbell Shake Weight is a fully featured trainer and it needs very small space. Weight and dimensions of this dumbbell is so that it can be put in the sports bag and be taken to the summer cottage. I also like to take my dumbbell to the park in the warm weather and to train in the open air.

At the moment, two months passed since we started to train with vibro-dumbbell. Thanks to these trainings, my husband significantly built the biceps, muscles of shoulders and chest, abs, he got rid of sides and lost a couple of kg. My success is less visible because I was afraid of building too much and so I trained 2-3 times a week. And also I’m lazy.

But the result gladdens me and I don’t plan to rest on my laurels and I’m going to work on myself further. All friends and acquaintances noticed the changes in my husband’s appearance and they followed our lead and they’re going to buy Shake Weight and someone have already bought it and now they sweat too.

PROS of shake weight:

  • Effectively build the muscles;
  • Small duration of the training;
  • Allows to reach significant results for a short term;
  • Has a small weight and compact dimensions;

If you want to keep fit and spend less than 10 minutes per day, I recommend to try the trainings with the dumbbell Shake Weight. I like it very much, but you will have to work to achieve the result, of course less than at the gym. You can order a vibro-dumbbell via the button below in the store, which is verified by us. Write your comments and share your success!