How do the fitness instructors burn out? My story.

How do the fitness instructors burn out? My story.

Many people for sure know the term «burnout syndrome», this very often befalls to the fitness instructors. Stresses, high pace of life, chronic fatigu

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Many people for sure know the term «burnout syndrome», this very often befalls to the fitness instructors. Stresses, high pace of life, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of support in administration and colleague collective.

All that can lead to the so called burnout syndrome. Even the most successful specialists aren’t immune from the loss of interest to the profession. Read the revelation of a working instructor. The article is first and foremost recommended to the employers and fitness instructors.

About a half of year ago, I found an article about the fact that talented instructors either burn out because of the demand of performance of the «plan» or go to cellar-clubs, where the maintenance of corporate professional ethics isn’t necessary.


I have been thinking for a long time. I get very tired.

I have no time for family, friends and the communication with the opposite sex. I thought that everybody has to keep up with my work schedule and to love me for what I am. But not so long ago it came to me in a flash.

What instructor people want to see in every without an exception club? Initiative, outstanding, young, stylish, competent… This list is quite big. Tough luck! The initiative ones are being pacified – «there’s no money for your ideas». Outstanding and stylish ones are being dressed in the club uniform and compared to everyone.

Young…Well, everything’s okay here. Competent… Can I ask you a question? How does he become competent if you have a plan?
I have from 6 to 8 trainings per day (regular classes and personal trainings). This doesn’t include the spontaneous replacements. I’m the all-rounder. I’m the instructor of group programs and the personal instructor in the gym.


When can I read the professional literature? Where can I find time for my trainings, you want to see your personnel with beautiful athletic body, right? When do I go to yoga to megaguru in order to upgrade my professional skills, for soul and for the body? When do I communicate with my family to support my comfortable emotional profile?

Such instructors as me are welcomed in any club of premium class. Nevertheless, I know. I will be squeezed out like a bath puff. On pure enthusiasm. Your hour personally and your hour with the group cost equally.

I was even offered to film a video for the TV-channel. Half of my salary for 2-3 minutes.
I understand that I won’t earn my salary anywhere in civilian service. But where in civilian service people value your intellectual labor and ambitions?

What’s wrong with me?

Maybe it’s time for a vacation? Maybe it is time to become a blogger? And tell about all my troubles in the work of clubs, where I used to work? And about the fact that every fifth client considers you an operating personnel and not his helper?! And the employer wants you to work your tail off 8-9 hours per day 7 days a week and to learn and to be initiative.

To carry out and to organize the competitions and holidays for the clients on pure enthusiasm. I’m not a toastmaster, not an amusement organizer, I’m the instructor!

Am I tired? No! That’s burnout…


Dear employers, I want to address you! Look what’s happening at the group! How many emotions and energy were dedicated to it!
An count how many groups I need to carry out in order to buy the pair of training shoes of famous brand!!! Respect and value your personnel, the instructors are the same people as you are, they also have families, moral values, physiological and material needs.
This is just the heart cry! I’ll go to yoga. They don’t need Nikes …The end.