Fitball is an elastic ball of impressive dimensions, it’s an effective trainer. Fitball is used for the body sculpt and weight loss, it forms the post

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Fitball is an elastic ball of impressive dimensions, it’s an effective trainer. Fitball is used for the body sculpt and weight loss, it forms the posture, strengthens the back muscles, perks up the mood and allows to get rid of fatigue and stress.

The concept of «fitball» was created in the fifties of the twentieth century by physician Susan Klein-Fogelbah. Initially, this tool was used to exercise with people with cerebral palsy.

The resulting effect of these activities was astounding. Therefore, these gymnastic balls began to be recommended for reparative therapy for people, who have spinal cord injuries and systems of the musculoskeletal system, because it excludes the load on the lower limbs. It’s recommended for people, who have the knee-joint and ankle-joint injury, varicosity, overweight, there are even special exercises for pregnant women.

Fitball is a perfect trainer, which is nice for everyone with no exceptions.

It’s quite easy to choose a ball. You need to sit on it and if your knees bend at a right angle, i.e. the hips are parallel to the floor, the ball’s diameter is good for you.


Fitballs come in different sizes, and the ball must be chosen in accordance with your height in the shops where there aren’t blown balls:

· with an height to 152 cm diameter ball must be 45 cm;
· at 152-165 cm height ball diameter must be 55 cm;
· at 165-185 cm height ball diameter must be 65 cm;
· at 185-202 cm height ball diameter must be 75 cm;
· with an height of 202 cm and above, select the ball of 85 cm in diameter.

You should note that if there isn’t a valve in your fitball, then you will blow it up with handy pump or foot pump and if your weight is quite big (100 kg and more), then a ball won’t be elastic enough and you should choose a ball of bigger diameter then it was mentioned earlier.

Exercises with a fitball will help you to fit your hips and butt, to make your waist slender, to strengthen your back, to unweight your backbone, to train your vestibular apparatus, to provide the general load on all body muscles and to lose weight. Here are some of them:


 For the slender waist and beautiful abs

Kneel facing the ball and bend your arms at the elbows. Base your hands upon the ball, roll it forward, until your chest touches it. Lift your hips, basing your feet on the surface. In the final position, your shoulders, hips and knees have to be in-line. Stay in this position for a few seconds and recover place. Do 4 sets of 12-15 reps.


Lie on the ball, basing on its surface with your low back, your blade bones have to slightly touch the ball. Lock your arms behind your neck and widely spread your elbows. Breath out and slowly lean so that blade bones pull away from the ball. Recover place. Do 4 sets of 12-15 reps.

 Fitball For hips

Lie on the back, put your palms on the floor and put your legs on the ball. Slowly lift and let down your body frame while your hands and blade bones are lying on the floor. Repeat the exercise 30 times.
Kneel, hands with ball are up. Lean left and right per 15 times each side. This exercise strengthens the side abs.
Kneel, legs shoulder-width apart, pull your hands up with the ball. Lean back with the ball. Repeat 10 times, rest a minute and repeat 10 times. Don’t hold your breath while leaning back. This exercise strengthens the muscles of abs, back, chest and arms.