Does the contour belt work

Does the contour belt work

Electro-myo stimulator (EMS) industry is an amazing example of how you can ruin the consumer relation to the product from the beginning because of the

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Electro-myo stimulator (EMS) industry is an amazing example of how you can ruin the consumer relation to the product from the beginning because of the wrong advertising. At dawn of popularization of this type of trainers, dishonest advertisers arrogated fantastic capabilities, which weren’t primarily claimed by the producer, to these devices in pursuit of the profit.

Of course people, who believed this advertising and didn’t get the promised result, spread the information that the advertising lies and electro-myo stimulators don’t work.

 So does the contour belt work?

Meanwhile, the technologies evolved, contour belts became better for several parameters: efficiency, practicality, reliability. We will view one of such stimulators and dispel the myths, which there are about these trainers and account for the distrust of them.

So we have AbTronic X2 — contour belt for various sets of muscles with two types of belts: wide one for abs and back and the narrow one for legs, arms etc. Mistakes in choosing the materials for previous models of these trainers were considered and now the neoprene linings are used to contact with the skin. They are hypoallergenic, wear-proof and don’t bring the discomfort.

AbTronic X2

 Home and professional trainers

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of home trainers compared to the professional ones (those, which are used in medicine and specialized sports institutions). This trainer used to work with one set of muscles at the same time. 2-channel impulse transducer is used here, which allows to work with two sets of muscles simultaneously.

We can stick up for professional trainers and say that they can have 10 or more channels, but this reduction is made in favor of practicality and compactness. It’s implied that the person will do his own business at the same time with the training and it’s bad idea to do this while bearing the weight of wires and plates. Moreover, it’s impossible to take this device along, it needs stronger power source. We cannot say that one type of trainer exceeds another. These are different types of devices with different goals and corresponding parameters.

 The commonest myth: EMS don’t work at all.

That’s not the truth. Method of electric influence on the nerve endings that makes the muscles contract, was invented a long ago and it’s actively used in medicine. Compact trainers do the same thing but they orient not on posttraumatic cases, but on the average person, who wants to perk up.

Second misbelief: you will lose weight due to this trainer.

The advertisers made the biggest effort here. General lack of familiarity with body chemistry and general mechanism of accumulation and loss of fat mass also came into play. One trainer isn’t enough for successful weight loss. This effect can be achieved and nailed down only under the general umbrella: healthy eating + exercises. Trainer in conjunction with these conditions significantly improved the result without the necessity of additional efforts. There is a special manual about the dietary regime is packed. You should read it.

Third misbelief: these trainers don’t help the muscles to grow.

It’s a big question. The users note the late pain after the use of this device if the set load level is high, so it means that there are micro traumas of muscle tissues, which will recover and grow due to the healthy eating. In order to avoid the undesired pain, there are plenty of programs and intensity levels in this trainer: for every age and level of training. The most important trainer’s advantage against this background is the number of muscle contractions per minute. It can be 400 contractions. Even the most trained person hardly can brag about this pace.

 Let’s conclude:

Contour belt upon condition of correct use is a useful and convenient thing, which helps to more quickly and easily build up the muscle tone. There are batteries and gel for the application on the contact surfaces as a set with AbTronic X2. So you don’t need to buy anything, you just open the box, read the manual and you can begin the exercise straight away. This concerns the transportation as well: there is a comfortable bag as a set, you can bring the trainer anywhere with it.

We hope that this information will help you to have a correct impression of this type of devices.