FITNESS ABC is a set of exercises on the muscles of the abdominals, hips and buttocks, lower back. The accent, however, is done exactly on the press,

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FITNESS ABC is a set of exercises on the muscles of the abdominals, hips and buttocks, lower back. The accent, however, is done exactly on the press, and all other exercises are performed insofar as they are able to create a static load on the muscles of the abdominal press. The term abs is derived from English abdominals — abdominal muscles

Additional attention is paid to strengthening the muscles of the back because muscles develop particularly well when to the same extent as you train their antagonists. Abs is not a sport, but physical education. Abs sport is less stressful on the muscles of the abdomen, back and legs than other sports. Exercises allow you to develop a press proportionally, along the entire length of the straight and oblique abdominal muscles.


  • lead to strengthening of the press
  • burning of excess body fat
  • removal of cellulite and «hips»
  • cause a decrease in the waist
  • increase stamina
  • have a positive effect on all health and well-being
  • improve mood and normalize the hormonal background
  • don’t create an overload
  • don’t cause injury or damage.

Abs sport

The modern system of training — abs — allows you to quickly and permanently get rid of a layer of subcutaneous fat at the waist.

In pursuit of a delicate figure, tightened belly and thin waist, women try various methods of losing weight: diet, fasting days and training for burning fat. But getting rid of fat folds in the abdomen and hips is not so easy, because the muscles of the press are very difficult to work-out. It is for this purpose there is a mass of ABS complexes — training for the press and the muscles of the back. We offer a 12-minute interval program of 6 exercises, the daily implementation of which will give you positive results in a month or two.

Training program for the press — schedule:

  • alternate ejection of legs from the lying position — max. repetition
  • exercise «climber peak» — max. repetition
  • side plank in dynamics with knee retraction — max. repetition
  • straight twisting — max. repetition
  •  jumps from the position of the plank — max. repetition
  •  twisting with pulling the knees — max. repetition

Training consists of three parts, and in each you’ll need to perform two exercises alternately with an interval of 10 seconds, so for an accurate countdown you will need a timer.

Training of press

  •  part 1

Duration 3 minutes with a 10/10 second interval (without rest break).

Set the timer for 9 sets of 10 seconds with the 10 sec interval. You will perform the ejection of the legs from the lying down position and the «peak climber» for 3 minutes with the maximum effort, alternating the exercises with each timer signal.


  1. Take position of lying on your back on the floor, your arms are straightened, your legs are bent at the knees. Holding the muscles of the press in suspense, in a jump alternately throw in your legs, as when striking.
  2. «Climber peak» is performed almost like an exercise «climber», with the only difference is that you will jump much higher. In the lying position, pull one knee to the chest, then in the jump, change your legs. Try to jump as high as possible.

Working out of the press

  •  part 2

Training time is 6 minutes with 10/30 second interval

To perform this six-minute ABS workout, set the timer to 9 sets of 10 seconds. with a 30 second interval. Alternate two exercises — the side plank with the knee up and straight twists. Spread out to the full, no matter how hard it was.

  1. Take rest on the right straight hand, hold the left hand behind the head, lift the pelvis into the position of the plank, then pull the knee up. The muscles of the press must be fully stretched. If you are a beginner you can simply raise and lower the pelvis.
  2. Lay down on the floor, wind both hands behind the head and perform a straight twisting. Then completely stand up, holding your hands behind your head. Again lay on the floor. Do the exercise for the press as many times as you can.

Training program for the press

  •  part 3

Duration is 3 minutes 10/10 second interval

Training consists of 9 approaches for 10 seconds with a 10 second interval. This part includes exercises: jumping in the position of the plank and twisting with the pulling of the knees. Alternating exercises, do as many repetitions as possible, not dropping the pace and not resting in between them.

  1. Take rest lying in the position of the plank- palms at the level of the shoulders, hands and feet are straight (legs are also placed on the width of the shoulders), the muscles of the press are strained. During jump, pull your knees to the chest, and jump back to the starting position.
  2. Lay down on the floor, on your back, lift the torso and straight legs over the floor by 5 cm, arms wide apart. From this position, double-twist and hug the knees. Return to the initial position without touching the floor with your legs and back.